May Reflections

May 27, 2019
"Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow." -Rumi. | www.littlefoxblog.com

This month has been going just as quickly as it arrived. It seems as though time, no matter how much we try to schedule or plan for it, slips by without notice. It’s been a busy month – especially as the school year is beginning to wind down and my lettering shop experiencing a leap in orders in the spring. I’m thankful for this busy-ness, though; it reminds me to be appreciative of the slower moments.

It’s easy to slip into feeling overwhelmed or not making certain things a priority. Last year I found myself taking on too much and found that I, indeed, couldn’t do it all- or at the very least feel like I could give 100% of myself to any one thing. So, I took a necessary break and restored the areas in my life that needed the attention and rest. Thankfully though, I’ve been able to bounce back after my time off and really focus each month on a few goals at a time and reflect on the progress I’ve made (or haven’t made). Doing this really helps me stay accountable and gives me focus for the following month.

So, as we’re in the final week of May, I am inspired by Angela’s post over on her blog, Clutter Box, where she shares her reflections from the month. I thought it would be fun to join in and share my month’s reflections and invite others to join, too!

What did you work towards this month?

  • Overall this month I’ve set myself up for working towards a balance between my newfound blog here, my lettering shop, and my home life. So far it’s been going well – I’ve been making time for each and not allowing myself in getting caught up in the beginning blogging blues (i.e. comparison and the anxiety over small numbers).
  • Loading new products into the shop here on the blog.
  • and…working on new custom illustrations for customers!
Custom Illustrations | Little Fox Lettering Co | www.littlefoxlettering.com

Where did you spend most of your energy?

  • With the end of the school year approaching it also means that my temporary contract is also close to an end at my school. A lot of my time this month has been fine tuning my resume (I have been loving resumenerd.com) and updating my teaching portfolio.
  • It’s my second month back at blogging and I’ve been doing a lot of reading and catching up with my blogger friends as well as meeting some new faces. I’ve also been doing some homework in regards to Pinterest and reading up on SEO, marketing, and blogging ideas. In a lot of ways I have to start from scratch, but I’m really focused on creating some fun quality content!
  • This month I’ve also decided to expand the blog into an e-commerce website using WooCommerce for WordPress. Thankfully it’s been an easy process thus far, but much like anything I’m new to it’s been a long few days of watching tutorials and navigating new plug-ins. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the new SHOP feature I’ve added! Now you can shop directly through our website or still use Etsy to make your purchases.

What’s helped you refill the well?

  • This month it’s been a lot of feelings about Game of Thrones. My husband and I have been watching since the very beginning and this final season hasn’t made us feel okay with how some of these characters and story lines are wrapping up. Anyone else a GoT fan out there? How have you liked season 8?
  • Continuing my self-care has been another way I’ve been refilling this month. A healthy mix of time with girlfriends, making the time to do little things like get my nails done, and definitely keeping up with my skincare game. I’ve also been trying some new products from Beautycounter and am really enjoying their exfoliating scrub and overnight mask!
  • Sleep! I loved this post from Hello Glow blog and their tips for How to Fall Asleep Fast. Setting a routine for me at bedtime is just as important as Greyson’s routine. I’m still working on telling myself to quit the screen time before bed and using more oils and even sleepy-time tea to help ease myself into a more sleep friendly evening.
In the Company of Women | May Reflections | www.littlefoxblog.com

Each month I will be reflecting on my goals and the progress I’m making (or not) and I’d love for you to follow along. Feel free to link up your monthly reflections in the comments section. I’d love to check your site out and connect!

Linking up with Rhonda this week!

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