How Warby Parker is Reinventing Affordable Eyewear

July 30, 2019

I first began wearing glasses when I was in high school and have tried everything from frames to contacts, but I always felt that I had to settle with frames that were overpriced and boring. As a high school student working a part-time job at our town’s local movie store (pre-streaming days…) I dreaded having to get my frames repaired or replaced because that usually meant hundreds of dollars being spent. So, to need glasses has always been a sour topic for me…that is until I met a little company named Warby Parker.

Because of the cost, I would always run my glasses into the ground. It never mattered how scratched up the lenses were or that I needed tape or super glue to keep the frames from falling apart – I simply didn’t want to take on that added expense. Eventually, however, I realized that it was time for me to bite that bullet and update the frames I had been wearing since college…

At that time my husband and I had moved and we were brand new to our little beach town of Ventura. Having no idea where to start, I took to the internet to do a little research on options for eye-wear that were stylish and, most importantly, affordable. As a budding blogger, I had been following Catherine from her blog A Short Blonde and immediately noticed and quickly adored her glasses! It was so refreshing to see someone embrace them and make them a part of her everyday wardrobe and style. Wanting to know more, I followed her page to a little company called Warby Parker.

Try before you buy

A feature of Warby Parker that I enjoy the most as a customer is their Home Try-on Program. This allows you to skip the store and select up to 5 frames (glasses or sunglasses!) to try on in the comfort of your own home. Try them on, see which style you love most, then ship them back. This process is simple and convenient – especially for those who can’t drop what they’re doing and visit a store (or don’t have one readily nearby).

How it works:

  • Browse online and select up to 5 frames to add to your home try-on order or take their quiz to see which frames would be a best fit for you.
  • Make sure to click on the “Available for Home Try-On” button to see which frames are available to choose from.
  • After making your selections simply follow the checkout process and within a few days you’ll receive your order – absolutely free.
  • When you’re ready, send them back in their prepaid box and head to the Warby Parker website or app to purchase the frames you loved!

Each frame you select will be shipped with demo lenses. This means no prescription lenses will be included since the frames are just for play and try-on purposes only. Once you place your official order, both your frames and lenses will be cut specifically just for you.

Virtual Try-on

Don’t want to wait? Warby Parker now offers a Virtual Try-on feature on their app where you can use your smartphone to virtually try-on various styles of frames. See which ones you fancy most, favorite them, add them to your home try-on order or even make a purchase straight through their app!

Warby Parker prescriptions

Warby Parker makes getting your prescription, or even updating your prescription, a complete breeze with their in-store eye exams! If it’s your first time getting an eye exam, I highly recommend choosing their comprehensive eye exam option or visiting your own eye doctor for an exam. However, if you’re like me and just need to check your prescription or your old prescription has expired, using their in-store or Prescription Check app are wonderfully convenient ways to do just that.

When I was ready to update the style of my frames I noticed my prescription with Warby Parker had expired. Having just moved to San Diego I was frustrated with the idea of having to find a new doctor and spend the time and money on updating my prescription. But then I realized that Warby Parker has their own app called Prescription Check, which allows you to follow on-screen prompts to check your vision. All you need is your iPhone and laptop and within minutes you’ll know whether or not your prescription has changed. If it hasn’t, your prescription is renewed right on the spot. But, if the app detects that a comprehensive eye exam is recommended, then you’ll be encouraged to visit your eye doctor before renewing your current prescription.

How are they so affordable?

Okay, so Warby Parker frames are stylish and they make getting a prescription easy-peasy. What, then, makes them so affordable and still high-quality? Well, here’s how they do it:

  • They design and make all of their frames in-house. This cuts out the middle man and therefore the third party markups that are found in traditional eye-wear retail stores. By doing everything themselves, and up to high standards, Warby Parker is able to keep prescription eye-wear extremely affordable!
  • Each frame is made from cellulose acetate and colored organic pigments that are mixed in to create the beautiful colors you see. Acetate is a high quality plastic that is made in-house at Warby Parker, which is durable and hypoallergenic.
  • Each frame is also hand-assembled and polished in-house.
  • Your prescription lenses are cut just for you and just for your frames. No one-size-fits-all mentality here! Each lens is made from polycarbonate, not glass, which makes them durable and dropable! Polycarbonate is simply a big word for transparent plastic.
  • Each frame from start to finish is handled with care, tested, and reviewed to ensure high-quality standards are met before shipping them off to you!

My Warbys

Each of my Warby frames have withstood the test of time and a handsy toddler. I’ve loved my newest pair, the Welty (as seen in rose crystal), which have gotten the most compliments thus far. Originally they were a little outside of my style considering the only frames I would ever wear were my Oliver frames (as seen in whiskey tortoise). But after a home try-on and just falling in love with the wider lenses and blush pink color I couldn’t resist!

Next, was finally ordering a pair of prescription sunglasses! Over the years I’ve had to struggle with being nearsighted and never having the luxury of sunglasses that allowed me to fully see. I always had to choose between not wearing sunglasses at all and being able to see correctly or opt for sunglasses and have blurry vision. No longer did I care to choose, so I made the leap and purchased my first pair of prescription sunglasses with the Raglan in pearled tortoise!

Shop my Warbys:

Welty | Oliver | Raglan

The Warby Parker difference

I’ve absolutely adored my Warby Parker frames and I love that they’re a company that makes eye health a priority meanwhile making frames that people want to wear and can afford to have. I can’t see myself going anywhere else for my prescription glasses and sunglasses simply because of their high quality standards for each pair, excellent customer service, and affordability.

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I've absolutely adored my Warby Parker frames and I love that they're a company that makes eye health a priority meanwhile making frames that people want to wear and can afford to have. See more about Warby Parker on the blog! | www.littlefoxblog.com
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