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April 26, 2019

It has been such a wonderful week and I can’t wait to share my first Friday Favorites with all of you having returned from my blogging hiatus.

This week Greyson and I flew out to visit my in-laws in Texas while my husband traveled for yet another business trip. I’m grateful that my school district gives us two (yes, TWO) weeks off for spring break and I thought that while my husband was away and I was on break, why not take him to see his grandma and pop-pop? Here’s a special peek into our week and a few of my favorite moments!


Launching this new blog, Little Fox, was a pretty significant moment for me. I had previously blogged from 2014 when my husband and I were newlyweds and making a new life in California to 2017 when I felt God really placing on my heart a sense of needing to simplify my life. After taking a couple of years off from blogging and social media, going back to work teaching, starting a lettering business, and moving…I’ve slowly cultivated a new creative space where I can authentically share and connect.


Tossing rocks into the creek. A boys’ favorite pastime.

For the last few years my father-in-law’s family gets together over Easter weekend and hosts a little camping getaway. We’ve never been able to attend due to my husband and I’s work schedules, but this year I was thankful Grey and I could fly out in time to celebrate with them. We didn’t camp out, but we did enjoy an afternoon of good food, drinks, games, and company. I always enjoy getting to see extended family and I loved that Grey could play outdoors.

April is such a special time for those living in San Antonio. For two weeks the city celebrates its rich local culture and history with two events: NIOSA and Fiesta! There’s food vendors, artists, dancers, a parade, and more food to be experienced. One tradition in particular Grey fell in love with was smashing cascarones! For those who don’t know, cascarones are confetti filled eggshells that you dye and smush on the heads of loved ones. One year I’ll have to make a batch for Grey should we not be able to make it to see our Texas family during Fiesta.


Yesterday we had a blast visiting the San Antonio Zoo with my mother and sister-in-law. Grey got to spend a lot of time with his cousin, too, which is one of the biggest reasons I love coming to Texas as often as we can.

It was a hot Texas 92 degree day, but the kids loved wandering around and watching the different animals. Greyson fed giraffes for the first time and his squeal of joy will forever be with me. He also had his fill of ice cream grandma would buy him and the petting zoo with baby goats and pigs was difficult to pull him from. Greyson has a deep love for animals and it’s always fun to see how excited he is to see and interact with them!


Today we’re flying back to San Diego and I can’t wait to be reunited with my husband. He’s been away for almost two weeks now on business trips and even though Grey and I flew off to Texas during this last leg, it’s still hard to be away.

Today’s flight home also marks Greyson’s 30th flight! Kind of a big deal considering this kid has been flying with us everywhere since he was a year old. We’ve learned a number of tricks along the way, like:

  • Dr. Zarbee’s meletonin “sleepy” pills. These are great for any flight to help Grey fall asleep. It helps him adjust to different time zones and keep his naps on schedule during a flight.
  • Charged iPad with headphones and snacks. I always download his favorite movies from Netflix or iTunes for in-flight entertainment. We give it a full charge to last the whole flight or at least until those sleepy pills kick in. Snacks will also save your life during any flight. Snacks = happy baby = happy mama who can enjoy a much needed drink.
  • Pre-board your flight to give you time to get settled. We’ve been doing this prior to Greyson because we always fly with our dog. I would also request to pre-board when I was pregnant as well and never ran into anyone telling me no. Now that we have a dog and a child, pre-boarding is vital.
  • TSA Pre-check!! Investing in TSA Pre-check is awesome even if you don’t have kids, but it’s especially important and convenient if you do. Sometimes I fly alone with Grey and our pup and having pre-check status really smooths out our airport security experience.

I have plenty of other traveling tips, but that’s perhaps for another time. Speaking of travel…I must run away to ge this circus on the road. I’m excited to link up with Andrea and her Friday favorites link-up!

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