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August 2, 2019
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How is it already August? I mean, really.

This week in particular flew by and I can’t even definitively say why it felt that way. It was Monday then I blinked and here we are at Friday. In between, this week was filled with a lot of blogging, completing a few gift bag orders, keeping up with some social media connections, and finding time to catch up on all of my favorite shows (and discover a few new ones).

This week also marked a turning point with Greyson in terms of his raging three-nager-ness. If you have been following along these last couple of weeks, Grey has been something of a tyrant. Everything had been a drag-out battle from putting clothes on to brushing his teeth. On top of that we were increasingly frustrated with his potty training because it seemed as though he was regressing just slightly. I was at my wits end and that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel grew dimmer and dimmer.

But, friends and family reassured me that this difficult moment would pass and I’m thankful it is beginning to. We finally found him a camp he looooves and although it was a little prickly at first he’s adapted to their routines and is even making a couple of friends along the way. It’s exciting as his mama to see him excited to go to camp! I also looked into the preschool they offer and got him enrolled!! I’m so thankful to his teachers who have been working with him and really taking the time to understand his personality and little quirks.

With that said, here’s a peek from my week!

+ This week I shared this post all about why I’ll never overpay for frames ever again!

+ We enrolled Grey in preschool – finally! After a week or so of school tours, phone calls, and number crunching our budget, we found a program that we feel will be perfect for Grey.

+ Since returning to blogging I’ve nabbed my first sponsored post! I’m excited to share more in the coming weeks this month!

+ I’ve been obsessing over my latest purchases from Target for the upcoming school year. Here’s a peek at what I found:

Green Wrap Dress | Black Maxi | Striped Sleeveless | Striped Shift Dress

+ 1x a week I use this cleansing charcoal mask and it’s been working wonders on my skin!

+ This butter chicken simmer sauce! Nothing compares to the butter chicken from our favorite spot downtown, but is fantastic for a weeknight dinner.

+ And this recipe for morning muffins to sneak in some extra veggies in Grey’s diet!

as seen from this post making our own food pouches.

+ Lately we’ve been including Grey on the process of making his own food and snacks. Outside of his fruit leather where he gets to puree the fruit, we began making his own applesauce! This is another great activity to have him be a part of and a wonderful way to get him to eat! He can be such a pain sometimes and we’ve seen a great improvement in his eating since he’s having a hand in making it himself.

* we use our Infantino Squeeze Station to make his own pouches and love it!

I’m excited to link up with Andrea and other fabulous bloggers for this weekly linkup!

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