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July 26, 2019

Another week in the books and this edition is complete with Dada gone for a work trip. This meant I was a lone ranger parent with Greyson and although him and I had our moments, we both survived our time together. If you’re just jumping in, this summer has been one of the toughest yet in terms of our little three year old’s tantrums and behavior. One of the ways we’re trying new approaches with him is in the area of keeping him busy, stimulated, and engaged. There’s been a bit of new transitions for him, namely in the form of changing his schools over the summer, in efforts to prepare him for entering real preschool this upcoming fall.

In our first attempts at summer camp at the school I will be starting in the fall as the kindergarten teacher, it just didn’t work. He was totally that kid. We saw concerning new behaviors in him like intense tantrums, screaming bloody murder, defiant, and an unwillingness to cooperate. After a week we decided that the best thing for him was to hit pause and give him the necessary time to mature and develop the behaviors needed to be successful at that school. Instead,

Belmont Park

At the beginning of summer I shared a post of my favorite things to do in San Diego with kids and Belmont Park made the list. This week Greyson and I had a little mommy and me day-date together since Dada was out of town. Instead of the typical zoo or children’s museum trips (which are equally as fun) I thought to introduce him to someplace new.

Belmont Park is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun day spent riding rides, playing arcade and carnival games, or just exploring around the shops and restaurants. Grey and I got to Mission Beach (where the park is located) a little early so we stopped in for a little bite to eat and to wait it out until the park opened.

Afterwards we walked over and got our wristband and headed off to the rides. For our first time, I was a little disappointed that there weren’t much in the way of rides for him just yet. They operate off of a height system and he was just a little too small for some of the rides, but he ended up loving the carousel and a racetrack themed ride. We rode their little train, which he enjoyed, and wandered around the arcade.

Back to work making pretty things!

This week I’ve been working hard on preparing orders of gift bags for customers and I am so grateful! This little shop of mine began as just a way to express the creative side of me and to showcase my love of lettering. Every order and every customer I get the chance to connect with means so much – so if you have any events or celebrations coming up be sure to check out the shop yourself or connect with me here!

I’m excited to begin unrolling a few fall themed items like these bestselling lettered pumpkins! Completely personalized and lettered exactly how you want! Also, I’ve been a huge Big Little Lies fan since the first season (and the book!) and I’m so bummed the second season just wrapped this week. Renata has been on fire this whole season and to celebrate such a #girlboss I have both a coffee mug and printable available over at the shop! I’ll be releasing more and more in the coming weeks, but to be the first to know AND receive a little 10% off coupon as a thank you, be sure to join our mailing list!

Fruit Leather Recipe

Earlier this week I shared this post for my homemade fruit leather recipe. I’ve loved making this for Grey and has been such a huge hit. It also makes packing his camp lunches so easy when I can just open the fridge and throw one in his lunch bag!

Beautycounter’s Charcoal Mask

I’ve been really working hard on my self-care since the beginning of summer and one way I’m doing that is investing more in my skincare. Over the last few months in using my Best of Beautycounter kit, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of my skin. I have less red splotchy spots, my pores are visibly smaller, and one of the biggest changes has been using less makeup. I finally realized that when I invest a little more into my skincare routine, I don’t have to use as much makeup to cover up my problem areas. Instead of covering up the symptoms of my skin, I’m actually treating the problems themselves!

I’ve totally fallen in love with Beautycounter and their mission to provide high quality products that are made with safer ingredients. I have a ton of samples ready to share, so if you’re interested in talking more about Beautycounter or need help picking something to try, comment or email me!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and congrats to making it to Friday!!

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