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July 5, 2019
waterfront park is our favorite to visit!

This was a very unique week in that there were a lot of moving pieces, but thankful they all came together! I accepted a new teaching position beginning this upcoming school year at a local French-American school where I’d be teaching the English portion of the kinder curriculum. This job is a dream come true and something that will both challenge and encourage me to extend myself professionally. I’m equally nervous and excited, but I suppose those are important feelings to have in starting something new!

  • Speaking of starting a new job at a bilingual school, I am back at using Duolingo to refresh my French. I love this app because I’ve been able to practice in a way that helps me retain the lessons. I can’t believe I’ve learned so much with this app!
  • Staying committed to my wellness this month with regular spin classes with my favorite cycling studio here downtown!
  • Starting Grey at my new school requires a transition from his current preschool to the French-American one. Although we’re sad to leave, we’re excited what he’ll learn at his new school. Plus it’s so ideal to have him attend the same school I’ll teach at!
  • With that being said, we’ve been dealing with a challenge with him in regards to his behavior. He’s definitely in full three-nager mode, but as parents we’re trying to be proactive about it (post coming soon!).
  • In efforts to help Grey snap out these bad behaviors we’ve cut his screen time and have been committed to being more present with him and spending time keeping him active. We’ve also begun to really reinforce the rules and expectations for his behavior at home and out in public.
  • This week was a lot of sun and water time! Grey just loves playing in the water so we spent the 4th exploring downtown, went to his favorite park, and finished our day at our pool. The kid was dead asleep by 4pm!
  • We watched the scary movie Us this week too…so suspenseful and I love the social commentary this film weaves into the storyline.
  • And today is the VERY LAST DAY to receive a free skincare set from my favorite clean beauty company, Beautycounter!
making time to splash at the waterfront park fountains
Reading this week…
  • This post I wrote on why living minimally isn’t for everyone.
  • This raw and honest post from one of my favorite bloggers. She speaks so honestly about her struggles with faith and I found it to be so impactful.
  • And I wrote this post on how I’m just obsessing over this one book I should have read years ago…

This weekend my little family and I are heading off on a mini vacation up to Carmel for a friend’s wedding and we couldn’t be more excited. It gives us the opportunity to make stops along the way and one of them being Ventura, our old home city, where we get to see all of our friends we haven’t seen since moving. From there we’ll head to Santa Ynez for some wine tasting then SLO and finally Carmel. Should be a fun and crazy family vacation!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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