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May 24, 2019

This week has been one of the longest-feeling yet and I’m not sure if it’s just officially May Gray here in California (i.e. in May we experience a lot of cloudy, rainy, cold weather leading into June Gloom) or it was just a long, stressful week. This weekend I’m looking forward to getting together with girlfriends over the holiday weekend – there’s a crawfish boil and I’m super pumped for it.

Today I’m linking up with a few other bloggers for Friday Favorites and here’s a peek of my favorites from this week!

+ I found this cute little shop that sells all kinds of fun home goods while passing the time until my hair appointment. I saw this quote talking about how we use the days we’re given and it just hit me in so many ways. I love finding these little messages hidden in unsuspecting places!

+ This piece I made for a customer as a graduation gift! I love custom projects like this because it pushes me creatively. I also love working with my Procreate app and learning new skills along the way!

+ This article, Busting Myths About Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant. It answers so many questions friends, and even strangers, have had about the company and the role of consultants (and me being one). I highly recommend this read in case you’ve ever wondered about Beautycounter and want to learn more about it’s mission.

+ I can’t help but love some more on this recipe I shared this week for a Keto-friendly Zuppa Toscana. Using daikon radish instead of potatoes was mind blowing!

+ This *pore vacuum from a recent Amazon purchase and how I can’t live without it. It’s amazing to see how much my skin has cleared up and my pores minimized just from using it a few times a week. Less breakouts and it has really paired well with my new skincare regimen.

*Amazon affiliate link

+ I also shared a minimalist approach to traveling with a toddler. With so much summer/fall travel plans coming up it’s always great to see how we can make travel less stressful. We have a few travel opportunities coming up this summer and are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks of the trade when traveling with our kiddo.

+ Mid-week ice cream trips to our favorite local ice cream shop, Stella Jean’s. Sometimes when you’re hit with a stressful Wednesday you just need some ice cream! It’s slowly become one of our favorite traditions!

Weekly day-dates to Stella Jean's ice cream shop in San Diego!
Enjoying Stella Jean’s coffee and mango sticky rice flavored ice cream!

+ Bath bombs from Lush have been a recent favorite of mine. They come in all different scents and it’s been a lot of fun for both myself and my husband to pick them out. I’m half tempted to learn to make my own – I sense a home project coming on…

+ This week was also all about giving this space a little TLC. I’ve been working hard to streamline my projects (i.e. this blog, my lettering shop, etc.) and I’m so happy with how it’s beginning to work out. I’m slowly adding listings directly to our site to make shopping easy and convenient. However, you can always still order through our Etsy shop, too 😉

I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend and enjoy spending time with family or friends! Cheers!

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