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June 3, 2019
As a busy mom, business owner and teacher quick makeup routines is key. With Beautycounter I can customize my own Flawless in Five kit to make getting ready a breeze! | www.littlefoxblog.com

As a busy mom who wears many hats like wife, small business owner, and teacher, convenience and quality are two major values I live by. It’s what drives my businesses and inspires me to live my best life. One area that I knew I could improve was not only with my skincare routine, but I needed to reexamine my makeup most of all.

I have always used makeup, from when my mom first started to let me wear it in middle school to now as a thirty-something trying to hide the tired mom eyes. Makeup trends come and go but one that I’ve found great results with is anything that’s lightweight and mineral based. Since becoming a mom, I’ve definitely noticed a change in my skin and therefore a need to take better care of it.

Beautycounter has been scored a 95 as a certified B Corporation! See what that means over at Little Fox blog! www.littlefoxblog.com

The only thing that has changed these last couple of years is my interest in making cleaner swaps and my makeup definitely needed some attention. Honestly? I never really paid much attention to the ingredients in makeup because I was solely concerned with the results. However, pregnancy really forced me to be aware of what I put in and on my body and I was shocked at how much nonsense can be found in leading brands of makeup.

As I searched for cleaner alternatives, a friend of mine introduced me to Beautycounter, a company with advocacy and quality beauty products at the center of their mission. I did a bit of research on my own (because I’m not a bandwagon consumer) and I was pleasantly surprised and thankful that Beautycounter is a company that is not only transparent about their products but are championing on behalf of everyone to clean up the beauty industry. And I can definitely get behind a brand that values their customers’ well being over making a sale – plus, the products are actually amazing!

Furthermore, Beautycounter is a certified B Corporation, which cements them in the beauty industry as a leading company who ranks highest in terms of safe products, using sustainable ingredients, advocacy for safer beauty, giving back to communities, and most importantly…transparency about their business practices and products. Which leads me to…

The Never List

The Never List is a comprehensive list of toxic chemicals and ingredients that Beautycounter vows to never use in their products. See why that matters at Little Fox blog! www.littlefoxblog.com

Beautycounter has created The Never List, which is their list of harmful chemicals and ingredients that will never go into their products. Ever. The scary and sad part is, a lot of these ingredients are used in common beauty products. Why is this allowed? I’m personally not quite sure why there aren’t more strict regulations, but one of Beautycounter’s priorities is advocating for lawmakers to catch up to the EU in regards to how the beauty industry is regulated – making safer beauty available to everyone.

Now that you’ve stuck with me this far, onto the makeup!

Becoming Flawless in Five…or less

Five minutes to get ready? Seriously?

Yes. Seriously.

One of my favorite makeup collections Beautycounter offers is their complete makeup kit that includes everything from foundation to lip gloss. The entire kit allows you to achieve the most effortless look without feeling like you’re caking on layers upon layers of makeup. And from personal experience this kit delivers on that promise. The Flawless in Five kit was one of my first purchases from Beautycounter. I was interested in trying a few of their most popular products and having the kit allowed me to do just that at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually.

As a busy mom, business owner and teacher quick makeup routines is key. With Beautycounter I can customize my own Flawless in Five kit to make getting ready a breeze! | www.littlefoxblog.com

The Flawless in Five collection focuses on the basics: your complexion, eyes, and color. Furthermore, you make it your own by customizing your look by choosing the colors and tints that best highlight your face. Since my Irish skin is already light, I like to stick to more neutral tones and light rosy pinks as my splash of color.

STEP 1: Complexion

I’m slightly jealous that Dew Skin is now officially an option when customizing your Flawless in Five kit! It’s one of my all-time favorites and leaves my skin tone even, moisturized, and protected with SPF. I also use BCs mineral bronzer (purchased separately) which gives me a little sun kissed dimension to finish off my look. The brush concealer pen is great for on-the-go as well as brightening under the eyes (remember those tired mom eyes?).

STEP 2: Eyes

I just recently started using the Brow Gel and love that it adds a subtle touch to my brows. It evens their look and the brush keeps them spot on. With my original kit I chose the brow pencil and found it to be the perfect color match! Both achieve fuller brows that are ready to be noticed. Then, there’s mascara to round it all out.

Another great option that can be added to any look are the eyeshadow palettes Beautycounter has! They’re not included in the kit, but definitely worth a little look-see. I personally keep to warmer tones, but find the pops of color to be really flattering and stretches me outside my comfort zone.

STEP 3: Blush

Last but not least, choosing a light blush really brings the whole flawless look together. Choose between a variety of shades and top it off with a lip gloss! Done and done!

See Flawless in Five in action…

The perks of being a member

Another great perk is becoming a Band of Beauty member with Beautycounter! As a member, I earn credits on all of the purchases I make, which can be later applied as a discount toward future purchases. So, in a lot of ways it allows me to continue enjoying and trying new BC products for less! And free stuff is always a huge plus. When you join, or renew your yearly membership, you’ll receive a travel sized product absolutely free. This time, I got a travel Cleansing Balm and it happens to be something I use every single day regardless of if I’m traveling.

But that’s not all…

Cleansing Balm GIVEAWAY!

Join the movement to cleaner beauty with Beautycounter! Start with entering this giveaway over at Little Fox blog! | www.littlefoxblog.com

Enter to win this membership travel-sized Cleansing Balm for yourself or a loved one to try! It’s so easy to enter – just give our blog and shop a follow on social media, join our community by subscribing to the mailing list, or simply leave a comment of the Beautycounter product you’re most curious to try! Enter soon as this giveaway ends 6/10/2019 – good luck!

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I am a beauty consultant with Beautycounter and therefore will receive a small commission on every order placed with my personal link. I love sharing brands I use and love and appreciate every person I get to share these products with. You can read my full disclosure policy here.
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