About Me

Welcome to the Little Fox blog! I am so happy you’ve found yourself here and I can’t wait to have you to come alongside me as I create, share, and connect! This blog is a space filled with intention and purpose – cultivated by everything that inspires my life from being a full-time boy mama, wife, teacher, and creative striving to do it all while my coffee’s still hot-ish.

The Little Fox Collective combines my passions of writing, connecting, creating, and living meaningfully. It is made up of this lifestyle blog as well as my lettering shop and teaching blog. We are all multifaceted and have passions outside of who we are professionally or even personally. I wanted one identity that encapsulates who I am and what lights my soul on fire day in and day out.

Little Fox Lettering Co

The inspiration behind Little Fox Lettering Co was sparked in 2017 in a hotel room in Pasadena, CA while accompanying my husband on a work trip. I’d spent quite a bit of time on my own while he was working and it wasn’t until I visited a local paper studio that I put pen to paper for the first time since I was in high school. Over the course of that following year I continued to practice my lettering and designs and eventually mustered up the courage to open my little lettering shop!

Today, Little Fox Lettering Co has expanded to providing lettering services and custom work with a focus on making gifting simple, but intentional. As a mom it can be difficult to juggle the important moments in life and my products aim to make gifting convenient and fun with a personal touch. If you’re interested in hand-lettered gifts and goodies, be sure to check out the shop for yourself both here and over at our Etsy store.

April 18, 2019